Instructions for Virtual Workshop Participation

Here is some useful information to make the most out of the Canadian Lunar Workshop.

For all

  • The Zoom links to the sessions will be made available through the Oxford Abstracts detailed program;
  • Please ensure to use the same e-mail for Zoom as the one you have used to register to Oxford Abstracts;
  • All questions will be monitored via the Zoom chat by one of the co-chair of the session. Questions will only be asked at the end of the talk if time allows. There will also be the possibility for the presenter to answer back in the chat;
  • Please ensure that your microphone is muted at all time when the presentations are ongoing;
  • There will be live help available through the Zoom chat function as well as via text to 416-727-1561.

In addition, for presenters

  • Unless specified in the program, each oral presentation last 12 minutes including a 2-minute period for questions while each e-poster presentation last 3 minutes;
  • Presenters will share their own screen and control their slides. In the event that you would not be able to share your screen, the technical support will be able to share your presentation;
  • Ensure that your microphone and camera are working prior to your presentation;
  • There is no need to apologize for “co-workers” background noise, we understand that many if not all will be joining from their home where other family members are also present.

Networking Track

  • There will be a Networking Zoom track to allow workshop participants the opportunity to connect and discuss, similar to a conference lobby;
  • The Networking track will be open throughout the conference, except during plenary sessions;
  • The link to the Networking room will be made available through the program in Oxford Abstracts, and will be posted in the chat of all sessions;
  • A coordinator in the Networking Zoom will be able to open breakout rooms as needed;
  • One way to use the Networking track is through the main session, where a participant could Direct Message another participant via chat and ask for further discussion. These two people could then go to the Networking track and ask the coordinator to open a breakout room;
  • Another way to engage in the Networking track is go directly to the Zoom link, see the breakout rooms that are open and select one to join.