Presentation Tips

Presentation Tips For Zoom

The Canadian Lunar Workshop will take place virtually using the Zoom web conferencing platform.

If you have never used Zoom, instructions on creating an account and basic features can be found here. Further details on accessing the workshop through Zoom, including technical requirements and session links, will be made available closer to the workshop date.

When you are presenting, you will “Share” your screen or document. Please ensure that your webcam is on so that attendees can view you during your presentation.

Experience suggests avoiding videos and PowerPoint animations with a lot of action and movement, and complex slide transitions, where possible.​

Possibly even more so than for a traditional presentation in front of a live audience, ​practice is critical to giving a good online presentation.​ After you’ve created your presentation, run through it several times, on Zoom, to make sure that you can deliver it smoothly and also manage the screen sharing and other technical aspects. If you have the Zoom app installed, you can start a new meeting, with just you as the single participant, to practice.

  • Use the same computer you will use for actual presentation.
  • Position yourself so your face is well centered​.
  • Ensure your background is uncluttered and you are not backlit by a bright light (eg window)​.
  • Dress appropriately.​
  • Look directly into the camera as much as possible during your presentation​.
  • If possible, use a headset​.
  • Use a timer to be absolutely certain that you can give your presentation in the allotted time.
  • Practice speaking slowly and clearly​.
  • Remember that you don’t need to cram in every single detail, but rather focus on presenting the key points. This will help the audience follow your presentation.